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Extreme Exposure (I-Team, #1) by Pamela Clare

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Extreme Exposure (I-Team, #1)
Loved it!!

Extreme Exposure, I-Team #1 by Pamela Clare is a marvelous, romantic suspense story. It starts off with a few laugh out loud moments and then gets down to brass tacks. Kara McMillan is a tenacious investigative reporter for a newspaper called, Independent out of Denver Colorado. She meets Senator Reece Sheridan at a bar. A bar she was conned into visiting with her best friend Holly. During this chance encounter, Kara gets a little tipsy and puts her investigative talents to good use for personal inquisitiveness to find out the answers women all over the world want to know from a male’s perspective (this is a moment in the story where you’ll squirm or have tears of mirth running down your cheeks).

Kara becomes involved with an investigative story when a whistle blower brings a situation that is not only appalling but is dangerous to the Denver community to her attention. A big company is abusing the environment and has been getting away with the abuse for years by having governmental agencies look the other way. However, there is more going on with the situation than Kara knows and she ends up in the middle of a heated political scandal. As she continues to investigate, her life and everyone she cares about is threatened. It is this threat and the formidable powers behind the malice that embroils Senator Sheridan into the mix exacted from his feelings for Kara and his conscience.

When Kara first meets him, she is sure his motives are completely superficial and self-serving. After all, what else would one expect from a politician? However, in the process of becoming involved with Reece, Kara discerns that he is truly a man with ethics and morals -- a man worth respecting. But the truth of the matter is that Kara has learned to keep herself from getting involved with any man since the father of her child left her holding all of the responsibility of raising a child and taking care of herself. Compounding this way of thinking is the fact that her father left her mother much in the same way. This makes it difficult for her to let her guard down when she is around the Senator.

Due to Reece’s consummate patience and understanding of Kara’s past, he is able to whittle away at the wall she has erected around herself, ripping away her safety net so he can catch her when she falls. The intimacy that grows between Reece and Kara becomes eminently intrinsic to each others’ emotional and physical need. As the story progresses and their feelings grow more intense, the plot that builds will change their lives forever, either ripping them apart or solidifying their need for each other.

I cannot begin to relate accurately how much I really enjoyed reading this novel by Pamela Clare. It offered everything I love in a good romance: a complicated plot, loyalty to family and friends, steamy love scenes, authentic feelings, humor, an independent woman, a man who knows what he wants and a happy ending. I highly recommend Extreme Exposure by Pamela Clare to all my reading audience who love romance and suspense. Ms. Clare is adept at enthralling her readers with the alchemy of her storytelling abilities. This is a great story worthy of a place on your bookshelf or e-reader.

Here are some of my favorite lines from the novel:
  • On one plate lay a single red rose. Some little romantic part of Kara -- a part of her she'd thought long dead -- sighed in feminine delight. She told it to shut up, but it didn't.
  •  Kara was under a full-scale sensual assault, unable to think, barely able to keep up with the onslaught that was Reece.
  •  When he touched her, his attention was focused, and his focus was total. He seemed to be right with her, through every breath, every touch, every tremor, as if he could feel what she felt, as if what she felt mattered more to him in that moment than anything else.
  •  "...I can tell he's good for you."  -- "Is my aura full of smiley faces or something?"
  •  "Are you having sex with my mommy?" Still half asleep and unsure what Kara would want him to say, Reece mumbled, "Not at the moment."

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