Monday, June 27, 2011

Mangement Skill by January Rowe

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Management SkillsManagement Skills by January Rowe

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When Grant Edmonds meets his new production manager, Allie Fairfax, he is surprised to recognize her from his past as Silver, who performed in a production at a bondage bar called Vault where he produced the lighting for a show she starred in. Now he is the CEO of his own company and she is fortuitously working for him.

Allie also recognizes him as the stranger she was attracted to from her days as a dancer. Their instant recognition ignites their past attraction to each other. After a night of passion and a lot of coaxing on Grant’s behalf, they fall into a long-term Dom/sub relationship. Through this relationship, they learn to love and trust one another implicitly.

Management Skills by January Rowe is a short erotic novel. The story offers insight into the world of BDSM and its mysterious, well mysterious to me, erotic lure. This facet of the the hero and heroine’s relationship is the glue that binds their feelings for each other into something deep and meaningful. That being said/written, I did not really get into this book. I am just not a huge fan of BDSM fiction.

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