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Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh

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Kiss of Snow
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Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh is more than I could have hoped for. The tension that has been building between Sienna and Hawke in the previous books comes to a glorious consummation and the other story arcs are galvanizing to the overall plot.

Hawke has always thought that his childhood friend who died was his mate which led him down a desolate path in his personal life when it comes to accepting a permanent, meaningful relationship. However, since Sienna entered his pack, Hawke has felt a passionate connection with Sienna that tugs at his loins and heart.

Their relationship has been contentious from the beginning because they both have been fighting an attraction they are not prepared for. He has been resisting her allure for years since she came into his pack at a very young age. In addition to their age difference, he feels he cannot offer her a relationship she deserves if he were to get involved with her.

In this story, Sienna is all grown-up and is tired of hiding her feelings for Hawke. She has always cared for Hawke but has been fearful of letting him know how she feels. She wages a campaign to gain his attention, affection and heart. By doing this, Sienna ignites feelings in Hawke he never thought he would feel for another woman.

As the reader deals with the relationship between Hawke and Sienna, the Psy are ramping up their efforts to wage war against the Changelings. The situation becomes very tenuous as the Changeling packs in the area try to remain a step ahead of their unknown enemy.

To add to the drama unfolding, Sienna is also dealing with her X Psy powers that are growing exponentially. X Psy are very rare and deadly in the close knit Psy Community. So rare, there is no documentation to refer on how to handle the powers. What is known is that most X Psy die a young age from their powers burning out, literally, and they are lethal as fighters.

Sienna’s family tries to obtain a long lost document written by a human researcher to help unearth any help as to how she can control her X abilites better.  Meanwhile, they and the pack have to deal with the problems Sienna’s powers as they come. Sienna attempts to keep the powers controlled on her own since she does not hurt the people she loves or, for that matter, give away the fact that she is still alive. The Psy community believe she and her family are deceased.

To add to the mix, Walker and Lara’s romance is a backstory to the novel. I am telling you this novel was worth the wait. It is full of drama and romance. I highly recommend this book. Nalini Singh weaves a awesome tale that will leave you panting for more. The next book is highly anticipated on my part.

Before I conclude, I want to make one more recommendation to you if you have not read any books in this series. You need to start with A Slave to Sensation, the first book in the Psy/Changeling series. The emotional investment you gain will make reading this book all the more significant. This book was definitely worth the wait.

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