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A Certain Wolfish Charm by Lydia Dare

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A Certain Wolfish Charm (Westfield Wolves, #1)A Certain Wolfish Charm by Lydia Dare

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Miss Lily Rutledge is the aunt and surrogate mother to twelve year old, orphaned Oliver who is Lycan (unbeknownst to Lily). Miss Rutledge is twenty three, unmarried and has been Oliver's caretaker for the last six years. But, Oliver has become difficult to handle. He has hit a major growth spurt, and eats like a horse. Something is going on with him which she does not entirely understand and she attempts to reach out to Oliver's guardian and cousin, Simon Westfield who is known as the Duke of Blackmoor and known is society as a rake. She cannot get him to respond to her written pleas to the Duke; so, she decides to visit him personally to circumvent him ignoring her pleas for assistance with Oliver.

From the time Lily meets up with Simon in his home, the romantic adventure begins. Simon is inexplicably drawn to Lily and she to him. The first half of the story deals with their courtship. The last half of the book deals with Oliver's need to protect Lily from the fact that he, his brother (Will) and Oliver are were-wolves. He is a victim to the full-moon and his circumstance. He is very worried about the Lycan in him hurting Lily irrevocably. Another worry for him is that she will look upon him with disgust. It is the last half of the book that brought the story from a four star read to a three star read. I grew very frustrated with long-drawn out angst Simon caused from keeping his secret from Lily. His ommission created a lot hurt to Lily. And by proxy, Oliver was hurt since he asked Lily to keep the Lycan secret from his adored aunt, as well. I felt the author made the conflict in the second half of the book too drawn out and made the story bog down.

The story was cute; but, I don't feel the driving need to continue with the series. I am not saying I won't read the series eventually - just not in the near future.

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