Saturday, March 12, 2011

Falke's Peak by Anna Leigh Keaton

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Falke's PeakFalke's Peak by Anna Leigh Keaton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dakota is on vacation with her friend, Carrie and Carrie's fiance. On this trip,

Dakota is feeling like a third wheel. Since, she still has quite a bit of her vacation left, she books a rustic five-day get away with a local outfitter. Axel and Gunnar (a.k.a. Falke in his cougar form) act as her guides in the wilderness. Both men are outstandingly sexy. When the trip begins, Dakota thinks she is on a trip with a man (Axel) and a tame mountain cougar (Falke). As time passes, Gunnar and Axel realize Dakota is their mate. They try to hold their attraction to her at bay since she is a client. But, as time passes one of the brothers gives into temptation. The fun truly begins from this point on in the book.

Falke's Peak is a true love story in an exciting, unconventional way. The story provides a great escape for the reader. Anna Leigh Keaton's current tale is cute and fun, yet poignantly emotional! She provides superb escapism for the paranormal reader!

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