Tuesday, February 14, 2012

31 Flavors by Leia Shaw and Cari Silverwood

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Terrific Novella!

31 Flavors by Leia Shaw and Cari Silverwood is a poignant journey of Sidney’s sexual awakening and the toll it could possibly take on her marriage if she reveals her predilections in the bedroom to her husband of five years, Nick. This book is very beguiling and written from the perspective of Sidney. Her personality is heartwarmingly organic. The reader is not being sold on a made up feeling person with a perfect figure and beautiful features much like a Barbie doll. Sid is a “real” person with real issues. She is someone you could easily be good friends with. She is funny, opinionated,  and insecure about her sexuality, a lot like us “real” people reading the book.  

Her interactions with her husband are equally endearing and credible. It is due to the organic perspective of a relationship that makes this book so unique, touching, and interesting. Loving someone is not as easy as a lot romance books depict.  31 Flavors paints love, marriage, and sex in a very authentic light. There are ups and downs, happy moments, funny moments and awkward moments in a marriage. It is this common sense, down to earth style of writing that becomes so attractive to the reader. 

Reading this touching story could help other people out there to step out of their comfort zone and ask for what they need from their partners. The BDSM aspect of this book may maybe a tad uncomfortable for some romance readers. BUT the analogy of being able to translate Sid’s situation into the reader’s own life, crosses over into real-life application when it comes to expressing one’s self to a partner. This is a great read whether the reader is seeking an enjoyable erotic story with memorable characters or satisfying a curiosity into different aspects of sexuality.  After all, vanilla is not for everybody. 

Happy Reading from Bona Fide Reflections!!

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(ARC was generously provided by Leia Shaw and Cari Silverwood in exchange for an honest review)