Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cry Wolf by Angela Campbell

Posted by Laurielu Bona Fide Reflections at 12:01 AM

Good Reading

Cry Wolf by Angela Campbell is a sweet contemporary love story with an air of paranormal mystery as part of the main plot.  Andrea Lockhart and Sean Hunter used to be friends and co-workers in college; but since then, they have not been in contact with one another.  

Andrea is sent to Woodbine, South Carolina to research an article on a  werewolf sighting.  While on assignment with the Naked Truth, a tabloid publication, she finds herself in an awkward position (literally) when she reconnects with Sean who is the editor of the local paper, the Woodbine Weekly. Her chance in counter with her former college crush is amusing. 

A lot has happen in their respective lives since they knew each other in college . Due to those fortuitous events, they have both grown up having been drastically shaped by those circumstances.  As Andrea and Sean spend more time together to uncover the werewolf mystery, they realize how much they care for each other but are afraid to reveal the truth of those feelings to the other. 

The delivery of the story starts off slowly. But, as you continue reading, Cry Wolf picks up speed and leads the reader down a path to uncover the truth behind the werewolf sightings and the maturing of the love connection between the two main characters. The sexual tension between the protagonists is appealing and done in such a manner as to offend romance readers who prefer their love scenes on the mild side.  To add to the sweetness and enjoyment of the story, is the small town setting and the secondary characters the reader meets along the way.

While I enjoyed reading this book there were parts in the story where I found myself frustrated because the pace was slow and I found my self loosing my connection to the heroine because of her attitude and stubbornness. Overall, this a good debut novel and I am looking forward to seeing how Angela Campbell matures as a writer.

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