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The Keepers by Monique O'Connor James

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The Keepers
The Keepers by Monique O’Connor James is story about coming to terms with doxology and a person’s standing in what life offers as a result of God’s providence. The story is imbued with Jess’s struggles to understand why everyone she has ever loved has been taken from her, especially her mother. After the death of her mother, Jess moves to New Orleans at the behest of her brother to pick up the broken pieces of her soul and move on with her life.

Jess has always had a gift of sighting the angels that guard her. Because of this gift, she becomes in involved with a group of angels who have given up their right to live in heaven to live on earth and watch over humanity and keep them safe from the the angels that have fallen and are more demonic in nature and motives. Jess quickly develops a close relationship with Justin who is the most jaded of the group when it comes to his feelings for humanity. As their relationship progresses, Jess and Justin’s attitudes fluctuate and rock the foundation of their core beliefs.

The premise of this story is a noble try a enticing the reader to stretch their own existentialism. My problem with the story was the constant struggle Jess kept heaping on herself which, in turn led her to taking it out on Justin. Jess did a lot pushing Justin away and then sucking him back into her life. I became very weary of the back and forth of their relationship and Jess’s treatment of someone she supposedly cared about very much. Her actions detracted from my complete enjoyment of the story.

There was a lot of potential for actualizing my commendation of the novel; but, it fell short of my expectations because of the lack of connection I felt towards Jess and the frustration she caused me while reading The Keepers. There are many other readers out there who found this book to be more enjoyable than I did and I recommend you read the story for yourself and come to your own conclusions on how the story affects you.

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