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The Shadow Wolf by Bonnie Vanak

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The Shadow Wolf
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The Shadow Wolf by Bonnie Vanak is the fourth book in the Draicon Werewolves series. Megan Moraine and her younger, twin cousins - Jillian and Jenny - have fallen on hard times since they escaped imprisonment from an island where they were confined for being a different, “inferior” type of Draicon (werewolf). They are rare Shadow Wolves which are wolves that can turn invisible. Because of their unconventional talent, they are ostracized by the Draicon community. Megan is prepared to protect her cousins and has done everything she can to ensure their safety.

While on the run to Louisiana to seek refuge and connect with a relative of Jillian and Jenny’s, the trio desperately endeavor to avoid the Enforcers who will apprehend them and return them to the island they left. Tired, dispirited and in desperate need of assistance to get to their destination, they are taken into custody by Gabriel Robichaux who has a reputation for being brutal and unforgiving against the Shadow Wolves.

Interest flares between Megan and Gabriel immediately upon their meeting; but, neither one knows what to do with the attraction. Despite her feelings toward Gabriel, Megan is bound and determined to see that her young cousins get to Louisiana at any cost. Regardless of his reputation, Gabriel is not what he seems. He has a few secrets of his own he agonizingly attempts to keep hidden from the world and Megan.

As the Gabriel and Megan spend more time together, their attachment deepens. The biggest obstacle to their relationship emerges in the need to have complete trust in each other. They will need to obtain this high level of mutual certainty in order to accomplish their mission to keep Jillian and Jenny safe. Megan's safety depends on this, as well.

This story has many good elements that make a paranormal romance worth reading. The plot and love story mesh well with each other and offer a cohesive, believable adventure. I would recommend The Shadow Wolf as a good summer read to enjoy at the beach or the pool.

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