Monday, May 2, 2011

Protective Custody by Wynter Daniels

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Protective CustodyProtective Custody by Wynter Daniels

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In Protective Custody by Wynter Daniels, Megan Jackson sees a murder occur in the building across from her office during the evening of Halloween. When she reports the murder the police are dubious, at best, regarding her testimony of the murder. There is no body left at the scene and since there has not been a murder in the are for more than two years, the police blow off her account.

Megan turns to her ex-boyfriend, Will McCoy who was a police officer because she has no one else she turn to or trust. The killer is after her now. Even though Megan broke off their relationship six months ago, Will is more than happy to assist his former flame in hopes that he can also re-ignite their relationship while lending her his support. Aside from the tribulations of trying to keep Megan alive, they have hurdles to overcome with their respective families because of their inter-racial relationship. Along the way, they must overcome their backgrounds and the negativity to their relationship.

Winter Daniels offers a sweet, suspenseful erotic romance that keeps the reader guessing. The mystery and the downfall of the supporting characters keeps the reader engaged.

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