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The Vampire Dimitri by Colleen Gleason

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The Vampire Dimitri
by Colleen Gleason is the second book in a trilogy. The majority of the story takes place in tandem to first book, The Vampire Voss. By brilliantly paralleling this story with the last, the author rewards the reader with a more in depth view to the events in the previous book. The story runs much smoother for the reader making it easier to follow the story.

The main conflict of the novel is very similar to the previous book. Chas Woodmore, who is a vampire hunter, abducted Cezar Moldavi’s sister, Narcise. Because of Chas’ actions, he has placed his three sisters in danger. To ensure their safety, Chas acquired Dimitri Corvindale’s promise to take guardianship of his sisters - Angelica, Maia, and Sonia. Dimitri attempts to keep the sisters safe from the faction of Dracule society led by Cezar who is retaliating Chas’ actions. The Dracule (vampires) are marked by Lucifer. The mark lends itself to immortality and the potential for debauchery. Added to the conflict is a jealous ex-lover of Dimitri’s which adds to the tension in the story.

This novel evolves around Dimitri Corvindale who is Dracule and Maia, the older sister of the heroine from The Vampire Voss. Dimitri is emotionally cut off from those around him. Maia has taken the matriarchal position in her family, seeing to the welfare of her family since the death of the Woodmore’s parents. Dimitri and Maia’s relationship is adversarial. They constantly snipe at each other since they are both used to getting their own way and being in charge. But, believe it or not, this makes the story more enjoyable and all the more sweet in the end.

I liked this book much better than the first. The Vampire Dimitri was much more engaging. Furthermore, the connection to the hero and heroine was much deeper for me than the couple in The Vampire Voss. I highly recommend this paranormal love story for its ingenuity and adventure.

4 out of 5 stars

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