Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dreams of a Dark Warrior by Kresley Cole

Posted by Laurielu Bona Fide Reflections at 9:39 PM
Dreams of a Dark Warrior by Kresley Cole starts off a thousand years ago with a twelve year old Regin the Radiant meeting Aidin the Fierce which sets the background of how their love-affair began. Then, the story flashes to present day New Orleans and is occurring in tandem to the last installment of the Immortal After Dark book that featured Carrow and Callum.

The conflict in the story begins very quickly which had my heart twisting and remained as such until the last third of the book. Delcan Chase, the commander of the Order, along with some of his soldiers have rounded-up Regin to take her to confinement with the other Lore folk that have been previously captured in an installation on an island where the majority of the novel takes place. From there, things continue to get more tense, dark, and - at times- violent.

The happily ever after for this hero and heroine does not come easily. However, Ms. Cole does a superb job of staying true to the characters we all know and love so well. The author also introduces us to a few new characters that draw you in and thereby win your heart.

The Valkyrie and witch humor is very much alive and well. Because of the sense of humor peppered through out the story and the loyalty of the characters to each other, I was able to keep reading the story without having to put the book down when I grew very frustrated with some of the situations in the story line.

Bottom line is Kresley Cole delivers another outstanding novel in her IAD series. She is able to illicit laughter, frustration, love, and a myriad of other emotions throughout the entirety of this story. Her ability to hook you into her world and not let go until the very end is uncanny.

Happy reading from Bona Fide Reflections!!