Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Introducing Poison

Posted by Poison Rose at 5:00 AM
Hello Everyone,
I'm Poison, I'm your host for the Dark side of Romance and YA Horror as well. I go by Poison as my favorite song is that of Halestorm called Familiar Taste of Poison. Do NOT ask me why, but that song stuck and rang a chord with me. I love the dark and more harsh undertones that some Paranormal stories have to offer...and as one story with Dark potential I got to read the entire Elemental Assassin Series. As Gigi mentioned we started and did that as a buddy read (she reads faster then I do.)

I have to agree with Gigi I miss reading about Gin and her troubles almost daily, but I know more is coming *SQUEEEEEEE*. With that in mind I got to watch her grow SO much thus far. From being a cold-hearted assassin with no feelings except for those whom she cares about, to being one part lover, and "hopefully" potential GF for Owen *swoon* and another part unfeeling and calculating assassin. She has finally come to grips with who she is and what her trail to this point has lead her to.

Finn is always the charmer and can charm anything that he deems worth while. Its funny how he remains this way for most part until he met Bria, who knew he could actually harbor feelings other then pure wanton and lust?!?! He's very protective of Gin throughout the series, and is always ther to help out should she get in a bind. He can shoot with deadly accuracy and take out giants in a couple shots. The investment banker in him, can seek out information that most would be paying others to get, partially due to his underhanded methods and multitude of contacts he has in the city.

I loved the secondary characters a they were all very well developed and realistic, but I truly found myself drawn to the mystery of Sophia, (which wasn't revealed in the main stream books upon first reading) I was always wondering why most of her utterances were one syllable words and mostly in the form of a question, or maybe a grunt or Hhhmmph. I found that finding out what made her who she is was as intriguing as watching Gin grow as a person and accept everything as it is at face value. Her dedication to helping "clean-up" after one of Gins assassinations is primarily hidden until later, which kept me wondering, "What exactly DOES she do with the evidence and the bodies?" And trust me the answer doesn't disappoint! I loved what Jo-Jo can do to any physical damage to people as well as the corrective things she does as part of her job at her salon. She is funny, witty and she never really let's Gin know what the outcomes are when she gets those "feelings." Her way of dressing and how she handles her magic is purely whimsical! I love her love of the clouds and all things PINK! I love how she walks around in bare feet when the weather is cold or even has her hair in tight curlers at night and during the day it is perfectly coiffed.

This series is fun, engrossing, and very hard to put down once you start (believe me I tried, and failed miserably almost every time.) A highly recommended series for any Paranormal fan out there looking for a strong heroine, with a great set of "back-up" characters.

And there you have my short introduction and my POV on the Elemental Assassin Series by the awe-inspiring Jennifer Estep! Thanks for taking your Dose of Poison for today. Come back soon for more!



GzNKz4evr on November 2, 2011 at 10:00 AM said...

*whoops and hollas* Well done Poison. I really enjoyed your post. I have been looking at Jennifer Estep, but haven't read any of her books yet. There are just so many great authors that I am discovering ... I wish I had more time to read! Grrr!!!!! But I am going to add her to my "to-read" list so that at some point I start reading her books. Thanks so much for the insight. The series sounds terrific!

Angela on November 2, 2011 at 10:06 AM said...

I still have to get to the series!!!! But founds like a great one to get into!!!