Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Elemental Asassin Review and the Gi-Meisters New Home.

Posted by Gigi Pryce at 9:48 AM
Hey everyone its Gigi here!! I just thought I would take the time to not only introduce myself but also do my first blog post so here goes:

My name is Gigi and I am the creator of the goodreads group Down and Dirty Lusty and Flirty.  I also ran a blog by the same name which will be coming down as soon as I'm focusing my attentions here on Bona Fide and my Goodreads' group. I have a lovely daughter named Daenerys (named after a character in a George R R Martin book) and I have a great boyfriend. I read constantly. I read so much, in fact, its crazy. I read mostly UF with a smattering of Dark Paranormal Fantasy; however, I'm hoping to embrace some other genres while I'm here. Its going to be a great time and I can't believe that I get to work with such great girls.

For my first review here on Bona Fide, I thought I would start off with a bang and do my Elemental Assassin Series review. To give you a little background, Poison and I read this together as a buddy read and I'm so glad we did it this way because it saved time finding the short stories as Poison knew where to find the short stories and I didn't and, honestly, it just helped get me sorted.

Here is the reading list and I definitely recommend reading them in this order:

Web of Deceit
Spider's Bargain
Spider’s Bite
Web of Death
Web of Lies
Tangled Dreams
Tangled Schemes
Tangled Threads
Spider's Revenge

What I thought of the Series:  I thought the series was amazing. I miss Gin daily. Honestly. Its a 4 fang book for me. I love how over the books she has evolved. Over the course of the series, we saw Gin become this guarded-I-won't-trust-anyone-I-have-no-family person to having people she could rely on and still keep to her core of herself. For those of you who have read the series, I was over the moon about Jennifer Estep's choice for a love interest for Gin. It was someone who was strong enough to keep up with her. I also loved her relationship with the various members of her patchwork family. It just worked. It added a lot to the overall story and it made me want to read and delve in to the story more and more. I will say that my overall favorite character in the series has to be Sophia the Gothic Dwarf. I just love her. I'd read this series for her alone.

If you haven't read this series, do it. You won't regret it. Its one of those Urban Fantasy series that just grabs you and drags you in and won't let you go. If you read Kate Daniels, if you read Cat and Bones, this series should be the next on your list. You won't regret it.

Jennifer Estep


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This is very entertaining