Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bound by Blood (The Garner Witch #1) by P.A. Lupton

Posted by Laurielu Bona Fide Reflections at 12:00 AM

Fantastic Debut Novel

Bound by Blood, (The Garner Witch, #1) by P.A. Lupton is a smooth, enjoyable, humorous paranormal romance complete with memorable characters and a captivating plot.  Brianna Reece is an FBI agent and a witch with strong empathetic psychic abilities which allows her to very adept at interrogation. She and her partner,Todd Morrison, become embroiled in an investigation which centers around a series of murders where the victims are all women who resemble her and are killed by exsanguination with no outward trauma. As her investigation moves along, she meets the sexy and illustrious Nathan Donovan who owns a security company which seems to have ties to many of the murder victims. The story’s plot takes the reader down a path of intense anticipation and excitement in the paranormal romantic suspense and personal revelation on the part of Brianna.

The author’s voice is polished and flows very nicely. She adeptly uses the first person point of view from Brianna’s perspective which is fresh, fun and often capricious. Brianna is an enjoyable heroine to read about because she is funny, spunky, honest, loyal, and persistent in her need to do the right thing. Nathan is her perfect complement as a hero because he is a sexy vampire who shows an unwavering commitment towards Brianna and devotion for those under his protection. Plus, his personality remains consistent and reliable. These elements add to the enjoyment of the story because there is no frustrating clash of personalities that make a reader want to hurl the book against the nearest wall.

Another positive point to Bound by Blood is the steadfast buildup to the relationship between Nathan and Brianna.  Despite their strong attraction to each other, they take their relationship slowly. The author successfully adds to the anticipation of establishing the relationship by weaving a romance that is charmingly sweet and touching while portraying intense feeling. She successfully causes the reader’s heart to melt. There is one part in the story where the author describes a build up to a kiss that will make the reader catch his/her breath.

P.A. Lupton is a very adept writer whose debut novel is a welcome addition to the paranormal romance genre. She has created a novel that is both character and plot driven with a smooth cadence to the storytelling.  Readers will not be disappointed in Bound by Blood and should be proud to add the book to their bookshelves. 

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