Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hard Evidence, I-Team #2 by Pamela Clare

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Phenomenal Read!
Hard Evidence (I-Team, #2)

Julian and Tessa burn up the pages in this installment of Pamela Clare's Hard Evidence, I-Team #2. I absolutely loved Tessa's soft, yet tenacious and intelligent personality juxtaposed against Julian’s gruff exterior and his fiercely protective nature. They both come from similar backgrounds where poverty and abusive family circumstances ruled their worlds when they were children. It is extremely interesting to read how they each handled their circumstances and molded their adult lives to compensate for their derelict upbringing. Another great point in this book is that she puts the steam in a steamy hot shower scene and will have the reader hunting down their significant other to get some relief. I know I will never be able to look at another massaging shower head again without thinking of that scene.

The sex trafficking case they are both embroiled in becomes very dangerous and threatens both of their lives. Ms. Clare has done an excellent job of composing a story that draws the reader into a world that is difficult to comprehend but, elicits the reader’s sympathy. The reader is so drawn into the story, you will find yourself cheering on as Julian and Tessa try to bring down the antagonist and the evil world he thrives in. The plot and the passion build to a pulse-pounding conclusion. Pamela Clare is extremely skillful at creating romantic suspense. The romance reader will not want to pass up this astounding book.

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