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Nauti Boy by Lora Leigh

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Nauti Boy (Nauti, #1)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nauti Boy by Lora Leigh is a delicious piece of erotica storytelling. This story of love starts off with Rowdy Mackay coming home from the Marines for good. He has come back to claim Kelly Benton, who he has loved since she was 16, as his own now that she is a grown woman.

Upon his arrival, Rowdy is expecting Kelly to be the sweet tease he remembered; but, he encounters a woman who is mentally scarred from a sexual assault. Rowdy and his posse, Dawg and Natches, formulate a plan to flush out the man who dared to touch Kelly in such a violent manner. Meanwhile, with patience, caring and a little bit of pushing, Rowdy is able to entice Kelly out her self-imposed shell.

This erotic romance has many moments that will steal your breath and cause you feverently wish you had a Rowdy in your life. Lora Leigh does an excellent job of telling a story that presents mystery/suspense and love (naked and otherwise). Her skills as an author are hard to come by. I definitely recommend this book to those who like their romance books to embody love that is naughty and honorable.

Some of my favorite quotes from this book are:
  • “I want you until I can’t breathe for it,” he whispered then. “But I would never hurt you. And I would never take what you can’t give me, Kelly. Ever.”
  • He snorted. “Don’t let your mouth write checks your body can’t cash, baby. Don’t dare me.”
  • “Easy,” he whispered against her lips. “Just feel, Kelly. Feel for me. Burn for me…”
  • “I love you until I can’t breathe without feeling it move through me, feeling your presence around me. You’re my heart. My soul.” Rowdy to Kelly

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