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Highland Destiny by Laura Hunsaker

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Highland Destiny
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Highland Destiny by Laura Hunsaker is an exciting tale of time travel, love, deception, and a bonny Highlander or two. The story emerges with Mackenzie Stewart and her best friend, Jenna, at the beginning of their vacation in Scotland. While the two are attending a tour through the castle, Mackenzie is abducted by two sorcerers who take her back in time to 1792 with them.

She has been kidnapped to thwart a curse, bring peace to the Highland clans, and end the life of the Campbell who is slowly becoming more mad by venturing into the manipulations of the dark arts to further his own political gain. To help the scheme along, Mackenzie needs to pretend to be the Campbell’s betrothed.

Low and behold, in the middle of the sorcerers explaining the game plan, Mackenzie is then abducted a second time by Connor MacRae. Mackenzie is astonished to be looking into a pair of stunning blue she has been dreaming about since she was a teenager. Destiny and fate play a big part in the joining of Mackenzie and Connor’s lives.

At first, the purpose of Connor’s abduction of Mackenzie is to best the Campbell who is his sworn enemy - and nothing more. As Conner gets to know this trying and intriguing wench, he was not prepared for the strength of feeling she elicits within his body and heart. In turn, she has feelings for him that run just as deep physically and emotionally. The love affair is hot and strong for them; but, trust comes more tentatively.

Laura Hunsaker leads the reader on a wonderful journey through her narrative by offering beautiful descriptions of the Scottish countryside, love, deceit, brutality, and the loyalty of family and clan. She uses the insights offered by Mackenzie’s and Connor’s point of view to enrapture her audience with these descriptions. Highland Destiny is a very satisfying read for Hunsaker’s debut novel into the romance genre.

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Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) on June 30, 2011 at 10:01 PM said...

Great review. Now, we just need another book for Laura LOL