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Forever Vampire by Michele Hauf

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Forever Vampire Forever Vampire by Michele Hauf

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Forever Vampire by Michelle Hauf is a story of two tortured individuals who are trying to escape their difficult pasts. Vail the Unwanted is a tortured pureblood vampire who was raised in Faery by his Fae stepmother and the product of rape who has been exiled to the human world by his nemesis. He must learn to embrace his vampire heritage in order to find true happiness and exist the new world he now finds himself. Lyric, Vail’s love interest, is an emotionally frigid but extremely beautiful pureblood vampire who past is equally as murky as Vail’s with the added problem of having a dark secret she has concealed from everyone but her brother. Both of them have major trust and familial issues they must overcome.

Vail is dragged in to the mystery of finding a missing diamond Faery gown which was stolen from under his stepfather’s place of business where the gown was being housed in a vault for the Seelie Court. The last person who saw the gown was Lyric. But like the gown, she is missing, too. The bargain Vail makes with his stepfather is that he wants information on the whereabouts of his father in exchange for the return of Lyric to her mom and the gown to the Faeries.

On the hunt for the gown and vampiress, Vail is able to locate Lyric quickly. However, the location of the gown remains elusive; however, he has a strong feeling Lyric is well aware of the gown’s location. As the plot unravels, Lyric and Vail find their attraction to each other undeniable and endeavor to work together. Soon they are both caught up attraction, intrigue, and setting aside their personal issues to allow trust to become obtainable. Very real life issues are dealt with by both characters as they grow and mature through their shared adventure. The path Michelle Hauf takes her readers on in this story is fraught with action, sexy love scenes, and closure on personal issues. A very entertaining read for paranormal romance lovers.

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